Zero Hero: Plastic free meals

Educational workshop in campus to make DIY eco-friendly utensils and food containers. Reduce waste from take-away food.
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Zero Hero: Plastic free meals

Inspiration came from

We buy a lot of take away food during COVID-19. Before we throw away the rubbish, have we stop and see how much waste we have produced in a meal? It’s around 3-6 plasti pieces. We Hong Kongers have produced twice as much of the plastic waste from take-away food during these period than before! We have to act up and stop this cycle and start from education. 

What social problems do you solve?

We want to educate our schoolmates and teach them some hacks and skills to reduce waste from eating habits. We will also teach to DIY some eco-friendly food container and utensil to have Fun together and at the same time spread the idea and lifestyle to their family. 

How do we do in details

  1. We will make a rewarding scheme for the whole school to encourage our schoolmates to bring homemade healthy package free snacks to school instead of individual packaged snacks. They will be rewarded with a stamp for their eco-friendly behaviour. With certain stamps accumulated, they can join our DIY workshop and have eco-friendly utensils as present.
  2. We are planing to make beeswax food wrap, decomposable coffee grounds containers, edible spoon/ fork.

The challenge we encountered


The resources we needed

  1. Environmental NGO: to give us educational talk on how to reduce waste in our daily life and how to recycle.
  2. Organic/ zero waste stores: to teach us some hacks and skills to reduce waste in our daily life in particular eating habits. And to teach us some easy DIY of food containers.
  3. Local bees farm: beeswax ( to make beeswax wrap)
  4. coffee shop: coffee grounds (to make biodegradable food container)

who are we

We are students from St. Hilary’s Primary School

G4: Lee Yu Ching, Ng Dung Kiu, Sh Hau Sum, Woo Tsin Shui, Xu David

G5: Yip Ngai Sze, Lau Sin Ting, Hui Man Lok, Lai Ka Yin, Lau Sin Ting, Lau  Vianna, Lee Jacob Kanyu

G6: Au Cheuk Nok, Chan Kwan Nok


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