In Their Shoes

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(The following guideline helps to tell everyone what your project is)

Inspiration came from

Students are feeling curious and bad when they see quite a lot of homeless on their way back to school in Mong Kok. They feel like there is something they can do with their living environment especially it has been quite cold in Hong Kong and it has been challenging for them.

What social problems do you solve?

Lack of housing and help for the poor/homeless people. Poor living conditions

How do we start from 0 to 1

Create awareness in order for the public/government to help/support those in need.

The challenge we encountered

We would like to create awareness regarding the living conditions/day to day life of the poor and homeless. Students will design their own living conditions of those who are homeless by using shoeboxes and compare it to what the space could look like(or be used for) with the help of government/other public entities.

The resources we needed

We are going to build and set up a real size model house and display in the school to give the experience of living with limited resources. We will need some unwanted furniture.

who are we

We are a group of G4-5 students and their teachers. We want to help making a small change starting with our school.


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In Their Shoes 發起人