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Many stray animals in Hong Kong are homeless and lack sufficient food. Therefore, we want to design a food feeding robot to help them so that they can have basic food security.
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Inspiration came from

Most of our team members are very fond of small animals. 

Discussion and Sharing in class

Through the usual life contact, interview with members of the Association of Animal Love Organizations and the introduction of animal love websites, they realized that there are many stray cats and dogs in Hong Kong. Among them, some team members even found many stray animals in the place where they live.

Zoom Interview with members of the Association of Animal Love Organizations 1
Zoom Interview with members of the Association of Animal Love Organizations 2

What social problems do you solve?

Many stray animals do not have a fixed residence, do not have enough food, cannot get proper medical treatment even if they are sick, and even encounter accidents on the street, and not enough people care about their survival.

Therefore, we want to provide some safe and clean food for stray animals. Besides, we want to call on more people to care for stray animals, and hope that more people can come to adopt these stray animals and give them a warm home!

How do we start from 0 to 1

Considering the living conditions of stray animals, we decided to create a robot like vending machine that will be placed all over Hong Kong, particularly places where stray animals are found. 

Discuss robot sketches with teacher

Besides, humans will need to input cans or bottles to recycle, and in return the machine will release dog and cat food for stray animals to eat.

Robot sketch designed by students 01
Robot Model created by student
Robot sketch designed by students 02

The challenge we encountered

When designing the robot and conceiving some functions such as food feeding, there are various challenges.  

First of all, we found that it is not easy to design a robot with the function of feeding food. We need to design basic robot drawings and master the skills of computer programming

In addition, we have to consider how to ensure that the food is clean and safe

At the same time, we also need to think about how to use robots to attract more people's attention to the living conditions of stray animals, and attract more people to adopt stray animals.

The resources we needed

We need your support to:

1. Financial support (used to purchase materials, hardware, etc. for making food feeding robots);

2. Technical support (such as programming skills, engineering technology, etc. for making food feeding robots);

3. Food support (used to be placed in the food feeding robot and provided to stray cats and dogs);

4. Community support (e.g. providing suitable venues to place food robots);

5. Media and other publicity support (publicize through different media or platforms to attract more people to pay attention to the survival of stray animals).

who are we

We are St. Hilary's Primary School TP DreamStarter Group 5 –A group of students who are concerned about the survival of stray animals. 

TP DreamStarter Group 5 Members


In February, we attended the DreamStarter pitching day, which was an event where we could pitch our idea to potential backers. We were excited to share our project on helping stray dogs and cats in Hong Kong, which we had been working on for a few months. During the event, we presented our plan and talked about why we wanted to help these animals. We also explained how we planned to use the donated funds to support local animal shelters and make a positive impact in our community. It was a great experience to be able to share our ideas with others and receive feedback from potential backers. 


Please act together with us! 

Join with us to pay attention to the stray animals in Hong Kong, care about their survival and health! 


Give stray animals a chance of love!

"Be their voice, give them hope, help stray animals today!"
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