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Maker Faire Tokyo in October 2023
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About Me~

Hello everyone, my name is Chan Ching Wai Milton. I am studying in class 5E at Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch). I am interested in playing drones and STEAM project. 

My Hobby

Our school is liked to promoting STEAM. We can join many extra-curricular activities about STEAM, such as the drones team and fischertechnik team. I joined the drones team around one years. In the drones team, I learnt how to control the drones and some coding skills. In the past month, we won a champion in a competition!


"Tokyo Maker Carnival Exchange Tour"

I am so happy that I can join "Tokyo Maker Carnival Exchange Tour". We will go to Japan in October 2023. In this exchange tour, we will visit the "Tokyo Maker Faire". I believe that we can broaden our horizons, and learn some new technology skills in the trip. This is a great opportunity for me to join the overseas exchange. I hope that I can know more about the innovation technology with 21st century STEAM.

What I want...

The tour fee of the "Tokyo Maker Carnival Exchange Tour" is around HKD$7,730. I hope that I can get the financial support from you. Also, I hope that someone can teach me some basic Japanese. When we visit the maker faire, I can talk with other more easily if I know some basic Japanese. Hope that I can get your help! Thank you so much.

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Maker Faire Tokyo交流團_Milton_陳政維 發起人