Bett Show UK STEAM Exchange Group

Bett Show UK STEAM Exchange Group
陳淑雪 - 項目發起人
Bett Show UK STEAM Exchange Group

Who am I?

I am Chu Yui Sze from Class 4E at L.S.T. Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch). It is a great honor for me to be selected as a member of the Bett Show STEAM Exchange Group. I am an outgoing person and enjoy presenting various ideas to different people.

I am a passionate advocate of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. I strongly believe that a critical thinking and problem-solving mindset can help address numerous practical issues. Our school is renowned for its creativity and active approach to STEAM teaching, and we have received several awards in this field. Some of our projects, such as "The Future Carpark," have been successfully brought to life. Teachers and students have worked closely together to achieve remarkable milestones year after year.

Now, I am thrilled to join my five other group members in attending the Bett Show in the UK. We are eager to showcase the outstanding works and projects of our school, as well as to gain valuable insights and practical solutions from the show and the trip.

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BETT Show 

The annual BETT Show in London, the world's largest educational technology event, has become a significant highlight for an increasing number of young InnoSTEMers from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. This grand event brings us, Hong Kong youngsters, closer to top STEM knowledge and connects us with the world. Such an EdTech feast will undoubtedly inspire us to grow faster and be more competitive on the world stage.

Why Bett Show?

The Bett Show is the world's largest EdTech event and is recognized as the global community for education technology. Our group, consisting of 6 members, is eager to learn and collaborate with like-minded educators. We are excited about connecting with individuals who can bring STEAM ideas to life. Our goal is to obtain firsthand information and explore suitable solutions to meet the needs of our school. We are confident that we will bring back a wealth of valuable ideas from the show, making it a fruitful trip for all of us.

Your Support

The cost of this tour is approximately HK$20,000, which will cover airfare, accommodation, meals, insurance, visitation fees, tour guide services, and other expenses. While I am excited about this meaningful tour, I am also aware that it will bring financial pressure to my family. Therefore, I am reaching out to seek your generous support in raising funds for the tour. Your support and generosity will alleviate our financial burden and enable us to explore further possibilities in the vast ocean of STEAM during our journey in the UK.

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