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Who We Are

My name is Anna, and I'm eight years old. I study in Class 4E at L.S.T Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch). I have diverse interests and talents. I enjoy art, so I learn to play the piano and dance. I also have a passion for sports and engage in swimming and playing football. I am also very interested in STEAM, and I participate in various STEAM classes, such as Fishertechnik.

Our school highly values STEAM education and diversity. They have established various STEAM classes for us. Six students from our school are taking part in the UK STEAM Exchange Group, and we will work together to accomplish our mission.


UK STEAM Exchange Group

Our school has organized a comprehensive journey for us. We will be attending the Bett Show UK 2024, which is the world's biggest EdTech event and a truly global meeting place for the EdTech community. We will showcase our school's curriculum and students' work to the public, educators, and professionals. In addition to attending Bett UK, we will also visit local schools for STEAM exchange activities and explore science, technology, and famous landmarks.


What I Need

What a wonderful journey! In fact, this will be my first visit to the UK. However, the expected tour fee for the trip is HK $20,000. Our school will provide a subsidy of HK $3,000 to each participating student through the LEE Shing-Put STEAM Education Scholarship. However, the remaining amount will need to be paid by my mother. This is a substantial sum of money. I would like to do something for my mom, which is why I am here asking for your kind financial support. Your support will help me turn this plan into a reality. Thank you very much.

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