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An unforgettable experience in Maker Faire Tokyo Tokyo
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About Me

My name is Jess, I am from class 5E of Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch). I am so lucky that I am one of the 13 students to join this exchange tour. I think that I am a creative and innovative student. I like to know more about the trendy of the 21st century. 

We like the STEAM education so much, we build up the ability of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the activities in our school.


Maker Faire Tokyo

“Maker Faire Tokyo”is an annual event that let the people show the creativity and innovation ideas, share the spirit of DIY (DO IT YOURSELF). It provides a platform for makers to display their projects and inspire others to embrace their own creative potential. 

Our school hold the “Maker Faire Tokyo Exchange Tour” for us to learn more. It is a priceless opportunity for me to be one of the students to join the “Maker Faire Tokyo Exchange Tour”. I believe that we will have an unforgettable experience during the exchange tour in Tokyo. It is a prestigious opportunity for me to gain experience and expanding my knowledge in different fields. It must be an enriching experience that can provide valuable benefits for my whole personal development.

What I need…

As the cost of joining the exchange program will be totally burdened by my family, therefore I would like to raise funds to reduce their heavy burdens. The total cost of the tour is around HKD$7,730. I really appreciate your kindness if you can give me a help in financial support. I need your financial help to make this miracle dream come true. Thank you very much.

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Maker Faire Tokyo交流團_Jess_陳雪婷 發起人