Our company provides affordable, elderly-friendly food for health promotion, with home delivery to aid those with mobility issues.
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Inspiration came from

  Have you ever seen homeless or lonely elderly, suffering from starvation or loneliness. Imagine all the smiling faces of the elderly when we officially introduce this astonishing company to them. Once they take a bite into one of our meals, they will drool with excitement and must want more. 

  We have also perceived a lot of elderly agonizing from the uninteresting meals, believing they are dull and tedious. Due to their unbearable illness and allergies, they have a profusion of delectable food which they have not savored in centuries. We genuinely want to help the the elderly the most after we watched those sorrowful clips of them eating repetitive, circadian meals, so some don't bother to eat at all. That is why we want to assist them to eat more healthy food by assembling appetizing and healthy food, both at the same time.


What social problems do you solve?

The proportion of the elderly in the whole Hong Kong population is 19.6%, whilst 14.3% live alone, we conclude that a lot of elderly desperately need our help and care daily. Even if the elderly are able to afford their daily needs, some neither have trasportation assistance nor someone to help out in carrying the heavy groceries. They may also have special allergies that they are unaware of that might affect their procedure during eating. So we decided to make elderly-friendly meals, specially for the elderly in a cheap and affordable price.


How do we start from 0 to 1

Developing Easy-to-Understand Nutritional Guidelines 

These include information on portion sizes, and the importance of nutrients, like protein, fiber, and nutrients. Protein plays and important role in help you repair and build muscles and bones, and to make hormones and enzymes. Fiber helps to keep your digestive system healthy and helps to reduce constipation. Last but not least nutrients helps you to break down food to give organisms energy.

Raising Awareness About the Importance of Healthy Eating for the Elderly

We will conduct workshops, seminars, or webinars to educate caregivers, family members, and the elderly themselves about the benefits of a balanced diet. It is benefitial to have a balanced diet as it can control your well-being and if it is unbalanced, just like a scale, it will fall and you may get serious or maybe even fatal consequences after the act. This may include feeling dizziness every once in a while and faint at some point due to you having not enough nutrients to preserve.

Educate Caregivers, Family Members, and the Elderly

Conducting seminars and webinars about the benefits of a balanced diet the word will soon spread and eveyone will know our brilliant company. More will come and the elderly loneliness and transportation proplem will soon be solved by one small deed.

Cooperating with Food-Delivering Companies

Working with Deliveroo or FoodPanda, we will be privilleged to deliver our luscious food to the elderly with disabilities or has difficulties. We would very much like to produce more of our mouth-watering meals to our elderly.

Teaming Up with Supermarkets, Food Banks and Government Agencies

We will work with other food companies to give discounts to the elderly so they can afford their basic needs and maybe a little spare change to have something more. We want the elderly to know that they are not forgotten, they are a big part in our life. That is also a reason why our aim is to help the elderly and why we want to promote our discounts to them.

Organising Community Programs to Promote Healthy Eating

This includes cooking classes, recipe exchanges and community gardens where senior community members can grow their own produce. Plus, they can even have a knowledgeable sense of how to grow food and how precious it is.


The resources we needed

  • food delivering companies

Help us deliver the meals : Foodpanda / Deliveroo etc.

  • chefs

Will instruct us on how to cook the meals

  • nutritionists

To give us advice on which sorts of food the elderly would prefer

  • NGO

Help us contact some isolated elderly to try our cooking

Above are what we currently need to persue the tasteful minds of the elderly.


Who are we?

We are F🍒dEver, and we are a company that delivers succulent food that is freshly made and is full of taste to the elderly.

Our group members are: Valerie Poon, Belle Wong, Jeannie Chan, Lunia Kwok, Valerina Pui, Vera Chak, Cheryl Tsoi, Karina Tam

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