Organ Quest : Journey of Life

We aim to boost organ donation registration, combat distrust, and foster a culture of life-saving empathy.
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Organ Quest : Journey of Life

Hong Kong faces a challenge with one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world. Hesitancy and distrust in the system have been significant barriers, leading to a shortage of available organs for transplantation and a growing list of patients in need. This project was conceived out of a recognition of the urgent need to change the narrative around organ donation and to foster a culture of empathy and life-saving generosity.


The initiative is particularly relevant as it ties into the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals, specifically promoting good health and well-being (Goal 3). By empowering students to become advocates within their community, we are not only contributing to the immediate need for organ donors but also instilling a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.


DreamStarter X Hong Kong Polytechnic University HiVE Collaboration Program

Students attending a lecture at HK Polytech Univeristy Radiography Department on the use of technology in health sciences. Students were exposed to use of Augmented Reality(AR) mapping used to acclimate cancer patients to radiotherapy by simulating the room by use of projections. 

Our board game is inspired by the pressing need to increase organ donation registration in Hong Kong, where rates are critically low. Our mission is to transform the misconceptions and apprehension surrounding organ donation into understanding and action. The game is designed to be more than just a pastime; it's a conversation starter, an educational tool, and a means to bring about social change. Through engaging gameplay and informative cards, we hope to inspire players to learn about the importance of organ donation, the difference it can make to someone's life, and how they can contribute to this life-saving cause. 

What Social Problems do we to aim solve?
The social problem at the heart of our project is the critical shortage of organ donors in Hong Kong. This shortage means that numerous patients on transplant waiting lists face prolonged suffering and uncertain futures. Cultural beliefs, lack of awareness, and misinformation all contribute to the hesitancy to register as an organ donor. Our board game aims to address these challenges by removing the myths of organ donation, removing fears, and providing factual information. By doing so, we aspire to increase organ donor registrations and foster a culture of life-saving generosity within the community.

How do we start?
We will design the game with mechanics to be both educational and engaging, ensuring that the topic of organ donation is approached with sensitivity and care. Our goal is to spread awareness and have a positive impact on organ donor registration.  Community engagement is key, so we will reach out to schools, hospitals, and public spaces to organize game sessions. Additionally, we'll utilize social media and online platforms to raise awareness about our initiative, inviting the public to learn and participate. The journey starts with one game, one conversation, and one more informed individual at a time.

What resources do we need? 
To bring our project to production we need support in the following areas:

Design and Production: Resources for the artistic and physical development of the board game, ensuring it is both appealing and durable. We aim to collaborate with healthcare professionals and organ donation experts to validate the educational content.

Outreach: Partnerships with community centers, educational institutions, and non-profits to reach a wide audience.

Funding: Financial support to cover production, distribution, and promotional activities.

Marketing: Tools and platforms to promote the game and its objectives, including a website, social media presence, and traditional media outreach.

Evaluation: Methods to measure the game's impact on organ donation awareness and registration rates, allowing for continuous improvement of the project.
Who are we? 
 We are grade 4 and 5 students from St Hilary's Primary School Tai Po, Hong Kong. We are group 3 from Tai Po campus. 

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Art Materials
Our gorup will need cardboard, coloured paper and special photograph printing to make the cards and the board for the game



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