Moss Garden

Our expertly curated moss gardens offer a lush retreat in your urban space. Whether for a tranquil living room or kitchen feature, and an eco friendly urban touch and clean air for your living space
Daniel Turns - 項目發起人

Our goal was to help environmental issues in Hong Kong and from our research we found that the air pollution was a major issue and we  also wanted to create something that would benefit the citizens of Hong Kong. After conducting research and brainstorming we found that moss can clean the air and that many people in Hong Kong do not have gardens. This is why we have decided to combine the two ideas to create Moss Garden, which are miniature gardens for indoor living spaces. This will give citizens of Hong Kong a mini garden as well as cleaning the air and benefiting their health.

What social problems do you solve?


Air pollution is a serious problem in Hong Kong and is blamed for 90000 admissions to hospitals and almost 3000 premature deaths. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)warns that air pollution could kill 9 million people a year by 2060 and they estimate that there will be a worldwide cost of $1.6 trillion annually. This inspired our group to focus on a product related to cleaning the air but we also wanted a tangible product that would benefit citizens in Hong Kong. Many students brainstormed their ideas and it was apparent that many people in Hong Kong don't have the luxury of outdoor spaces and especially gardens. This inspired us to create our idea of an indoor moss garden to clean the air, improve citizens physical health and also their mental health.


How do we start from 0 to 1


The first step will be for be for students to decide on the design of our moss garden. The design will be our main product that we will present to the public. Once this design has been created, each student will create their own moss garden to sell to the public. 

After design we will research the materials and where to resource them from. Once we have our materials we can start to create our moss gardens to improve Hong Kong!

The resources we needed

  • A small container to hold the garden:
  • Gravel, or other rocks for drainage material:
  • Potting soil:
  • Moss:
  • Some tiny pebbles or figurines for decoration

who are we

Dreamstarter Group 6: 



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