Group 10_ Paws4Cause

Join Paws4Cause! Buy our handmade bracelets and mini toys to support shelter pets. Our magazine shares stories of pets and their new families. Help us make a difference!
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Group 10_ Paws4Cause

Inspiration came from

Paws4Cause is a special project that started because we noticed something important about our school community. Lots of our SH family members have pets that they bought from stores. Some people think that getting a pet from a shelter is too hard or that shelter pets aren't healthy. But that's not true!

We want to help everyone understand that adopting a pet can be easy and really great. Shelter pets need homes and have lots of love to give. Our project is all about teaching people the truth about adopting pets and showing how wonderful shelter animals are.

With Paws4Cause, we make and sell cute bracelets and toys to help pets in shelters. We also create a magazine that tells you all about the pets that are waiting to be adopted and stories about our school friends who have pets.

We think if more people knew how awesome adopting a pet is, they might decide to adopt instead of buy their next animal friend. And we want to help make that happen!


What social problems do you solve?

Paws4Cause is all about doing big things for pets and people. We help pets from shelters find families who will love them, which means fewer pets without homes. This also helps shelters have more space for other animals. Plus, our handmade toys are better for the Earth because they don't make as much trash.

We're also teaching people that shelter pets are awesome and healthy, so more people might adopt instead of buy. And when someone adopts a pet, they get a new friend, which can make them feel less alone. Paws4Cause is here to make a difference, and with your help, we can do even more good for pets and our planet!

The challenge we encountered

At Paws4Cause, we've encountered challenges that have tested our resolve. Our initial venture into making companion toys for pets revealed a tough reality: the costs were too high and the toys weren't as durable as we needed them to be. This was a crucial learning moment for us. Acknowledging this, we've reimagined our approach and are now in the process of crafting mini dog toys and handmade bracelets. These are not only budget-friendlier to produce but are also adorable keepsakes that we believe will capture the hearts of pet enthusiasts and children alike. Our hope is that these items will become a charming introduction to our brand and lead to an interest in our cause. Although no sales have been made yet, our plan is set and we're optimistic. The journey ahead is to turn these plans into action, sparking curiosity and leading to support for our magazine and, most importantly, our shelter animals. We're ready to adapt, learn, and grow, and we invite you to join us on this mission.


The resources we needed

To bring our vision for Paws4Cause to life, we need your support in gathering essential materials. We're currently in need of colorful threads to weave into beautiful handmade bracelets, and long plush twisting sticks to create fun and engaging mini dog toys. These resources are vital to crafting the products that will help us spread awareness and ignite conversations about pet adoption. Additionally, we're eager to feature your beloved pets in our magazine! If you'd like to share a snapshot of your furry friend, we'd be thrilled to showcase them. Your pet's photo could inspire others to open their homes to a new companion. Your contributions, both in materials and photos, are more than just donations—they're the threads that weave our community together in support of a shared cause.


Who are we

We're a friendly bunch of 6th graders from St. Hilary's Primary School, and we all really love pets! We started a group called Paws4Cause because we want to help pets that don't have homes find families who will love and play with them. We think that even though we're young, we can do big things to help animals and make the world a happier place for pets and people.

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