Recycle Rangers

Our group focus on the current e-waste issue, planning to reuse discarded USB cables and make some art crafts - Dreamcatchers. We believe in reuse, reduce and recycle!
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Inspiration came from.

Our group wants to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. There are already many typical recycle programs, however according to one of students' mother, who is a research professor teaching about waste management at HKU, there are not many recycle initiatives focused on USB cables. 

Social problems we want to solve.

We will aim to create an awareness of how USB cables can be recycled and reused within Hong Kong. 

How do we start from 0 to 1. 

Our group has been focused on environmental issues from the beginning because there is a great interest among students. As a result, we started researching environmental problems in society and then narrowed our focus to recycling issues within our school. Therefore, initially, we planned to launch a sustainable and long-term resource recycling activity on campus.

Then, based on the suggestion provided by a parent of one of our group members, who is a professor in the Environmental Studies Department at the University of Hong Kong, we decided to specifically focus on the recycling of USB data cables. Hence, we shifted our attention to recycling USB cables as a target for resource recovery.

After pre-pitching and receiving feedback from other teachers and principals, we decided to focus on the re-use and re-create part of USB cables. We let students search and generate lots of ideas of what kinds of artwork that we can create by using USB cables. After consideration, we decided to create a special pendant, Dream catcher. Our project aims to raise awareness about the importance of recycling USB cables while also providing students with an opportunity to learn more about the related knowledge and enhance their practical skills.

Challenges we encountered.

At the current stage, the first challenge is we need to collect more and more USB cables, then we can use to create our art crafts. And the second problem for our students is to figure out how they can use the cables to make a real dream catcher by exploring many internet resources and hands-on practice. 

Resources we need.

We need to collect more discarded USB cables.

Who we are!

We are a group of students (Grade 4 and 5) led by 2 teachers in charge from St. Hilary’s Primary School. 



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