Aging Generation

Making park infrastructure better for our aging population.
林紹文 - 項目發起人

Aging population is a growing problem in HK. Students have through site visits and interviews, tried to identify what elderlies need the most in a park, and design some facilities themselves to cater to the elderly population. Our students hope to ultimately have their creations seen in our community to help make parks better for the growing population of elderlies.

Inspiration came from

Our students aspire to help the public through the creation of public art. 

What social problems do you solve?

Through interviews and outings at parks near our school, the students discovered that there were a lot of elderly sitting at the parks, but there wasn't much social infrastructure around them that thy  would enjoy. Some elderlies were just sitting on the ledges. Therefore, the students hope to create a social hub for elderlies through the improvement of infrastructure of parks and to create a harmonious community in Hong Kong's public area with their creativity.

How do we start from 0 to 1

Students first brainstormed target groups they wanted to help. The students then brainstormed where, and decided to go for the local community around the school. After site visits to near by parks, they discovered the local community around our school has an older population and determined their target group to help the elderlies.

The challenge we encountered

Challenges we are currently encountering is making the prototypes of the infrastructure our students created.

The resources we needed

A space to house our students' creations in parks.

who are we

Aging generation consist of grade 4 and grade 5 students who aspire to provide help with their creativity and artistic talents.


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Aging Generation 發起人