The SlipUp Project

Upcycling Tourism, One Slipper at a Time
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The SlipUp Project

People love to travel.  Hotel rooms are designed to make our stays easy, enjoyable and carefree.  However, this also removes the thought of how much waste single-use items, especially beloved hotel slippers, is created in the tourism industry.  Is there a simple solution to this easily ignored problem?


Simple. After a year of travel, a quick look at how many pairs of hotel slippers we bring home, and how little they are used, inspired the need to address this problem. 

What social problems do we solve?

Although hotels bear some responsibility for their policies to address unnecessary waste in their establishments, tourists need a nudge in the right direction to make conscious choices on using hotel slippers during their visits.  One of the biggest social problems we face is a lack of awareness of rubbish we unknowingly produce. 

What's our 0 to 1?

Our 0 to 1 is to first collect used hotel slippers, clean them, and create wild and wacky displays of all the ways hotel slippers can be up-cycled by the common tourist and consumer.   

Challenges We Face:

A project like this could scale into a much larger movement.  Our greatest challenge is thinking how to we can best connect with the common tourist on an impactful level.  Additionally, we lack the resources to create meaningful up-cycled items that can raise awareness to this issue. 

What We Need:

Volunteers, training and an NGO with connections.  We have the ideas, the material and the drive, all that's left is the support and direction. 

Who We Are:

My name is Mr. Joshua KIDD, along with a group of 15 Grade 6 students, and we are hungry to make an impact on an industry often ignored for social change. 


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