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Reducing food waste in schools and educating the community
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We first noticed how many students did not finish their school lunch and we realised that there surely could be a way of using this wasted food for something useful. 

What social problems do you solve?

We want to try and reduce school lunch waste. By recycling the leftover food, reducing the amount of waste and also creating compost from some parts of the school lunches.

The challenge we encountered

We noticed that it will be a challenge to reduce school lunch to zero waste, but this is near impossible. One way was to perhaps collect leftover lunch and get an outsider service to collect and recycle the lunches. 

Another option was to make compost using the left over fruit/vegetables from school lunches. We could use this compost to sell or we could grow our own plants/herbs. This may be difficult as we will need a lot of support in order to get containers and soil to start the project. A lack of finances will be a challenge. We believe everyone can make their own small compost heap at home that is beneficial for the environment. We will also need to educate ourselves on how to create a composting project in our school. 


The resources we needed

Containers and soil for composting.

Service provider to pick up leftover lunches and to recycle these lunches.

Workshop for students in order to learn about composting.

who are we

We are a small group of Grade 6 students. We are looking to raise awareness and also educate others regarding the food waste in schools and also to teach people on how we can use some food waste for composting (for a small scale projects)

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