Paper Station

We are going to create a fun and innovative 'paper machine' that encourages people to recycle used papers in a more enjoyable and effective way!
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Inspiration came from...

what we have seen at school! Since we found that there is a lot of paper waste generated around our campus. We wanted to recycle papers or turn the waste into some product that is useful.

How do we start from 0 to 1? What social problems do you solve?

We first collected used scrap papers from each classroom, gathered them all in a bag, and sent them to Milmill (the recycling factory in Hong Kong) to be recycled and transformed into tissue papers. Additionally, we participated in voluntary work related to recycling to raise awareness in the community about the importance of recycling.

The challenge we encountered

Since we started collecting used papers at school as the beginning of our project, we found that there were not just only used papers, but other stuff too, such as plastic tapes, plastic bag, food packages, rubber bands etc. It's challenging that we have to sort them all out every time. 

The resources we needed

We would like to create a game machine that encourages people to recycle used papers in a fun and effective way! First of all, the appearance of the machine should be interesting and amusing like a toy / game. It has some sensors that only allows plain papers to go in and can be able to eliminate the 'non paper stuff'. e.g. plastic things. Our goal is to develop a fun and innovative "paper machine" that motivates people to recycle used papers in an enjoyable and efficient manner.

who are we

We are the Grade 4 & 5 students from AOG St. Hilary's College (Primary Section).


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