The Dolphin Guardians 中華白海豚保衞隊

A group of Grade 4-5 students, looking forward to raising awareness to conserve Chinese Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong among children, teenagers and general public.
黃誌謙 - 項目發起人

After the pandemic of Covid-19, the number of Chinese Pink Dolphins is decreasing.


Chinese Pink Dolphins are in Danger! 

They are threatened by habitat loss, water pollution and overfishing.

Cannot Turn a Blind Eye to the deteriorating 

Need to help save the Chinese Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong, by making keychains and stop-motion video about situation of Chinese Pink Dolphins


The challenge we encountered

  • a platform to share the stories of the Chinese Pink Dolphins
  • communication and collaboration with Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation society

The resources we needed

  • materials for keychains
  • materials for characters in stop-motion video
  • video editing skills
  • field trip
  • interview with Tai O fisherman /invite parents  

Who are we?

A group of Grade 4-5 students from AOG St. Hilary's College (Primary Section)

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The Dolphin Guardians 中華白海豚保衞隊 發起人