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One of our students went on a walk in Tai Po and needed to buy some food in the wet market and then the student saw a bunch of cardboard boxes on the ground and the only one cleaning there was a cardboard box lady. The student was feeling very sorry for her, so the students asked her team to help them. 

Inspiration came from:

We would like to convey a powerful message by highlighting the work of the Cardboard-box ladies through an engaging and interactive experience: piñatas. We can cultivate a sense of sympathy and respect for their vital role in maintaining clean and liveable environments.

What social problems do you solve?

The cardboard ladies make too little money, and we want to help them with their job and help them get more dignity and raise social awareness towards them.


How do we start from 0 to 1


The challenge we encountered.

Some of the challenges that we encountered include the following:

-There are no direct organizations that we can donate to that will assist the cardboard box ladies. 

-We knew we wanted to help them, but we were not sure of how we can do it.

-We have a lack of financial support, and we are having trouble finding people to back our project.


The resources we needed.

We needed to gather cardboard boxes to reuse and craft into pinatas. Additionally, we needed colorful paper, glue sticks and tape.

Who are we?

We are DH DreamStarter Group 3!

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