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Orphaned and abandoned children need small comforts too.
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The World of Yarn_DSP_0965_5

We are concerned that orphaned children need more joy in life which may include a cute toy or blanket they can hug when sad, lonely or just to feel some comfort. We hope to crochet cute plushie toys and knit small blankets so children have something to hug and snuggle with. We aim to make as many as we can and share them with a children's home. 

Inspiration came from

During our brainstorming sessions we were struck in particular, by children who had been orphaned or abandoned. We thought of ways to bring simple joys back into their lives as we want them to share the happiness that most children have when growing up. All we could think about was, "what if this were me?"

What social problems do you solve?

We find that good health and well-being comes not just by eating and living healthily but also has a mental element to it. children deserve happiness, something they may have lost by being orphaned or abandoned. By creating something simple like a plushi or blanket, we hope to bring a small piece of happiness back to these children in an effort to support their well-being and good mental health. 

The challenge we encountered

We had this wonderful idea, however only a few of us know how to crochet and knit. It has been a challenge to learn these skills in such a short time frame but we hope to succeed so we can help these children. 

The resources we needed

We would need yarn, crochet and knitting needles or at least the finances to supply these. We would also like some teachers to help us develop our knitting and crochet skills. Our teacher has helped a lot but we need more than one to help us get this project going and in order for it to be a success. 

Who are we

We are a group of Grade 6 students who have all lived with parents our whole lives. We have felt the joys of childhood and hope to bring some to others who are not as fortunate as us. 


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Yarn and needles
We will need at least 20-30 balls of good quality yarn for knitting and to crochet in a variety of colours.
We will need 15 sets of size 5mm knitting needles, and size 3.5-4 crochet needles.
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