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Do something drastic! Say no to plastic!
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Up to 2,000 tons of plastic is discarded in our city every day. Without being treated, they are either deposited in a landfill or found in the sea. The devastating impact of plastics on the marine animals can be seen in many internet videos showing whales, turtles and sea birds are killed, because their digestive tracts or windpipes are blocked by plastic ingestion. Plastic pellets from both domestic and industrial sources pollute both sea waters and rivers.


We should reuse and recycle the plastic materials. We should say no to the plastic and also educate the public about reusing and reducing the plastics.


It is difficult to change the mindset and habits of the public.  Merchants and consumers are used to use the  packaging by plastics. It is because of the conveniency and they do no aware of the plastics pollution.


We need a large amount of  plastic bottles of different size and plastic bottle caps. We also like some recycle companies to sponsor us with the recycled bottles. We would also like the art teacher to help us design the craft by using the disposable plastics.


We are students and teachers of Baptist Rainbow Primary School.

Ms Alana Pino, Ms Elsa Wong , Ms Lauren Lau

1A   Jason,  1B Kitty,  1E  Leon,  1F  Harrison,  1F   Anna,  2A   Faith,  2B  Aimee,   2B Ken, 2C   Yan, 3A  James,3A  Rita,3B Maggie,1A Kiehl, 1A  Marcus, 1C Peter, 1C  Emma,   1C Ethan, 2A  Amy, 2A Sermon, 2B  Casey, 2C  Ruby, 3A  Adrien, 3A  Raman, 3B Candice, 3D Minos

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