Don't waste food! Make compost! 已完結

We want to learn about the best way to make compost. We want to use our compost in a sustainable cycle to grow new plants and vegetables and reduce the need for landfills for food waste.
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Don't waste food! Make compost!

Inspiration came from

We eat lunch at school every day, but so much of it gets thrown away. We wondered where it went? Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!

What social problems do you solve?

We found out our food waste goes to landfills! This is not a good solution because Hong Kong has so many people that make so much rubbish. This will be bad for the future. Don't waste food! Make compost!

How do we start from 0 to 1

First, we needed to think of some solutions. Our teacher taught us the word 'compost'. We watched some video about it and it looked like an interesting idea. We love the idea of the sustainable cycle and are excited to try to grow things like organic vegetables or beautiful flowers that we can use and share in our school and neighbourhood! Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!​​​​​

The challenge we encountered

We had to learn which things are good for composting, and which things are not. We made some collection boxes to try to see how much food waste our school produces. It was exciting preparing the boxes, but then we encountered some problems... Some of the boxes got thrown out because we hadn't explained our project to the janitors; some of us forgot to put plastic in the food boxes so when students threw in their fruit cores the boxes got dirty and soggy; some boxes were too big or too small for collection; we had to figure out how to weigh boxes that were too big to fit on the scale.

Don't waste food! Make compost!

The resources we needed

We still have a lot of questions!

  • What tools or equipment do we need to make compost?
  • How can we get them and how can we learn the best way of making it?
  • Where will we make the compost?
  • How can we train and motivate our fellow students to contribute their food waste to make compost?
  • When we've made the compost, where can we grow our vegetables and flowers?
  • Can we extend our project into our neighbourhood and community?

Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!

Therefore, we need:

  • Experts - who can teach us about composting and all the different tools and machines available to help us make the best choice, and who we can ask questions to if we encounter problems
  • Financial support - to buy or source the mechanisms or machines, produce posters or flyers to encourage and teach our school to contribute
  • Space - to put the machine or composting equipment, somewhere to grow the vegetables and flowers

Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!Don't waste food! Make compost!​​​​​

who are we

Ms Chloe Gatrell

CHEN Zi Jin Wilson, CHIU Sharlie, HA Chi Ping Jove, KWAN Shun Chi Javen, SO Yat Hei Casper, SUN Yat Long Isaac, YEUNG Lok Lam Cara, YEUNG Sze Hon Angus, YIU Tin  Ching Carina, SUN Cheuk Tung Katherine, TSUI Ka Sing Jeffrey, WONG Chi Kin Bosco, CHEUNG Sum Ling Sunita, KO Kenneth, CHOI Ho Lam Tavis, NG Ho Lam Bosco

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Don't waste food! Make compost! 發起人