DSP_0963_13 Life Paints

Kids connect with the elderly through Nagomi art and storytelling! Join us in bridging generations and making a meaningful impact!
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DSP_0963_13 Life Paints

We are a compassionate group of G6 St. Hilary's Primary students who deeply care about the well-being of the elderly. We firmly believe that their needs extend beyond physical health and strength, encompassing the essential need for being heard and understood. With this in mind, we embarked on a journey to listen to the stories and experiences of the elderly in our own homes. We quickly realized the immense value of their unique life narratives and became inspired to provide them with support and companionship.

Considering how to best engage with a group of unfamiliar elderly individuals, we brainstormed various activities that could foster connection and allow for storytelling. We pondered whether exercises, arts, chess, or any other activities would be suitable. Recognizing the artistic talents within our group, we decided to introduce the elderly to Nagomi art—a calming art form that invites individuals to express themselves while finding solace. We believe that teaching the elderly Nagomi art will not only provide them with a creative outlet but also create a conducive environment for them to share their personal stories.

To bring this vision to life, we kindly request the assistance of elderly centers in providing us with the opportunity to meet and engage with the elderly. Additionally, any support in acquiring materials for Nagomi art, such as pastels, drawing paper, spray, and protective pockets, would be greatly appreciated. Together, we can create a meaningful and enriching experience that bridges the generational gap and nurtures a sense of connection, understanding, and appreciation for the elderly in our community.

This unique opportunity encourages empathy, understanding, and respect across generations, as students glean valuable insights from the rich life experiences of our senior community. Together, we'll create a harmonious environment where heartfelt connections are formed and cherished memories are made. Prepare for an enriching and heartwarming experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the wisdom and knowledge of our treasured seniors. Stay tuned for future activities at other elderly centers as we continue to foster intergenerational bonds and promote love and care within our community.

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Pastel materials
Nagomi Pastels: 20 sets
Drawing Paper: 60 sheets
Protective Pockets: 60 pockets
Stationery: Erasers, Spray, Pairs of sccisors



DSP_0963_13 Life Paints 發起人