Fertiliser Fanatics

We are Fertiliser Fanatics, a group of eco-savvy students who are cultivating an organic farm with our homemade organic fertiliser. Together, let's nurture the Earth and grow a greener tomorrow!
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Fertiliser Fanatics


Our Aim

Fertiliser Fanatics will build an organic farm using organic fertiliser. By doing so, we aim to accomplish three things:

1. Educate- Educate as many people as possible about the importance of organic farming and helping our environment.

2. Grow- Grow our own crops in our organic farm using organic fertiliser. This will contribute to helping the environment. 

3. Charity- Sell our crops and fertiliser, then donate the proceeds to charities who are focused on environmental issues.  

What problems do we solve?

Since the beginning of grade 6, our common goal has been to build an organic farm. By having more natural resources, an organic farm is truly beneficial for Hong Kong’s environment. In addition, organic farming can produce food in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and better protect our farmlands. It can also open up a niche market that can bring in a premium for local farmers. At the same time, we are also planning to make self-made fertiliser that we hope can play a vital role in supporting our plants.

Challenges we encountered

We have been challenged to create our project with no budget. This means that we have had insufficient money, and insufficient resources. To combat this, we have begun reaching out to various farms and companies around Hong Kong to provide us with funds and resources. Some of our members’ parents have also contributed by giving us some tools and seeds. We also are limited for time, but we are actively overcoming this by working hard and using our time wisely! 

The resources we need

To be able to reach our dream of creating our own little ecosystem, we need an array of different items. First, we need soil to plant our seeds. Next, we need wooden planks to build our compost bin. We do not want to get hurt when tending to our garden, so a set of gardening tools would be delightful.

Who are we?

Fertiliser Fanatics is made up of grade 6 students from St Hilary's Primary School who want to make a difference! We are fanatical about saving the planet, one step at a time!


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