DSP_096312_Heart2heart「童」理心聽 💞

to form a peer emotional support network for G6 students to talk more about mental health
陳思盈 - 項目發起人
DSP_096312_Heart2heart「童」理心聽 💞

We are a group of 13 students + 1 teacher from St. Hilarys Primary School (TP). We want to encourage our fellow G6 students, from other schools as well, to talk about mental health so they know how to deal with a variety sources of stress, be it homework, SSPA (呈分試), mood swing from puberty and so on. Above all, we want them to know that they are NOT ALONE in their final year at primary level.

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We are very grateful to StoryTaler 說書人 (https://www.storytalerhk.org/) for providing us with professional advice and support. We are going to hold a "Mindful Dreamcatcher Workshop" with 2 of their members in early Feburary. Our students will learn how to make a dreamcatcher amid a mindful process where they can incorporate their personal stories and feelings into the artwork.


We are also going to make a short video on "Worry with me". Through the video, we want to receive more feedbacks from fellow G6 students. We want to know if any aspects of academic, social and family life has recently added to their worries and how they cope with them. We also want to give them tips on "self-care" in the video! 

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Having learnt the skills from the above training workshop, we hope to do it together with more G6 students who might display prolonged stress symptoms. 

What inspired us?


Our "Empathy" Process : started from self-understanding

students learnt active listening skills during a sharing of their recent emotional experience 
students learnt perspective-taking in "Find their Pain Points" activity

Our Initial Outcomes: 

  • students were dissatisifed with the poor communication with their parents when it came to academic matter.
  • students also realised that each person is fighting a battle that the other don't know. While students are burdened by homework and tests, parents are overloaded with parenting and their jobs.

Our "Empathy" Process: continued with understanding the others

Students draft the questionnaire on mental health awareness among adults (then they interviewed their parents and teachers)


What SDGs do we want to address?

We want an early intervention on emotional education in HK so young students know how to self-care for themselves
We want to build an exemplary network where people can open up their hearts to talk about mental health

What resources do we need ?

  • Recruitment of other G6 students
  • Free and quality art materials
  • Money $$$$$$

We may be young but so ready for our project 

and your support! Please back us up! 

Other students: 6A Jaden, 6A Jacob, 6A Carson, 6A Elisabeth, 6A Titus, 6B Harley, 6C Jaymuel, 6C Michael, 6C Jodie, 6C Hailey

Teacher-in-charge: Miss CHAN Sze Ying

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粉彩 pastels/ 塑膠彩acrylic paint
for future workshop



DSP_096312_Heart2heart「童」理心聽 💞 發起人