Trashion Show

Raising campaign for people donating supplies to save the world.
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(The following guideline helps to tell everyone what your project is)

Inspiration came from?

Our inspiration was basically come from a very popular toy "POP IT". We found that there are many children will get bored with their toys then they will just throw them into the bin as a waste.  

What social problems do you solve?

(Why is this solution innovative? Is the current method inefficient?)

How do we start from 0 to 1

We actually wanted to make a fashion show to show everyone about our designs with using recycled materials or some wastes. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, we can't make a fashion show in public. However, we changed our ideas to make some accessories with using upcycling idea. 

The challenge we encountered

(Sharing your story can make it easier for others to understand what you are doing, and let them feel the enthusiasm of you or your team for this project.)

The resources we needed

(Introducing all the problems you have encountered and the resources you are looking for)

who are we



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Trashion Show 發起人