Bright Readers

For a brighter future
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Our group is raising money for not only the blind but also disadvantaged students. We have currently teamed up with KidShareHK to fundraise with 'Concerts in the Dark'. We also plan to run a new service called 'Best Budz' where we will buddy up with local blind students to read to them and provide support. 

Inspiration came from

Lots of our group members love reading and writing. We talked about how we would feel sad if we couldn’t do this as easily. We thought it might feel quite lonely if you weren’t able to see! We discussed how lucky we are to have the education that we do and that some students aren’t as fortunate as us!

What social problems do you solve?

We feel there is not enough integration for disadvantaged students with people their own age.

The resources we need

We are currently looking for help with bigger venues, entertainers, equipment, marketing and promotion for our concerts. 



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