Harmony Haven

Looking to make a difference to children's mental health
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Inspiration came from

As this was the third year of Dreamstarter for many of the group, they had focussed of many different problems within Hong Kong. However, they had not considered their own issues. The group liked the idea of helping children and teenagers such as themselves in schools in Hong Kong.

What social problems do you solve?

We are looking to solve the issues of mental health that many school children face in Hong Kong. From excessive homework, school and home pressures to cyber bullying and pressure from social media.

How do we start from 0 to 1

The group and answered honestly the things that they find stressful as a child. There were many issues they all had. They shared their anxieties and worries of the modern world. We talked about what would help them feel better and so we aim to put some of these solutions to practice.

The resources we needed

We are looking for backing to help create areas within schools where students can have quiet time by themselves, with peers or teachers and social workers. A safe space for them to be themselves. We would need funding to buy products, soft-furnishings and decoration to make the place welcoming. We would also like to make stress-reducing toys for all students, such as stress-balls, calming scented candles that students can use at home to help them relax. 

who are we

We are Harmony Haven, featuring Kayla, Yin Yin, Hinson, Jeremy, Phoenix, Cassidy, Luffy, Jaden, Valerie, Ian, Riston, Zachary, Kevin and Kayley.

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