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Your Health, We Care!
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DSP_096207 Trade in my Treat?

Our Situations: 

- Family conflicts in several families with parent smokers

Our Concerns:

- Bad to parent smokers’ health

- Bad to family members of smokers’ health

- Family conflicts caused about the smoking issues

Our Aims:

- To encourage parent smokers to smoke less

- To rebuild the family relationship

The Challenge we faced:

- To prepare some treat are healthy and replace the cigarette

- To prepare the package of 'treat' and deliver to students who want their parent smokers to quit smoking

The resources we needed

- Health Dessert Recipe

- Dessert materials shop

- Chewing gum sponsor

- Nuts sponsor

- 珍寶珠 (Chupa Chups) sponsor

- Printing company

- Fruit sponsor

who are we

We are a group of kids want the parents and kids are healthy and live happily in their smoke free family!

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Fruit Shop
Fruits for making dessert, fruit plates and fruit punch



DSP_096207 Trade in my Treat? 發起人