How Can I..?

Creating a board game for our peers and others, letting them step into the shoes of a student with SENs for a day, to help them empathise and be inspired!
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How Can I..?
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Who are we?

We are the United Dreamers, 10 Primary 5 students from DGJS that have come together to make a dream come true.

Our Journey

We believe that education is very very important for kids. But some kids have Special Education Needs, or SENs, which make learning more difficult for them. We know they may be at a disadvantage in the typical classroom and wanted to help, but realised we weren’t too sure how to help.

We realized that our difficulty to find practical solutions came from the fact that we didn't know enough about their struggles. So instead our mission became: to help people of all ages know more about and be inspired to help those with SENs, starting with our peers! 

Our Dream

As students and as people, we spend a lot of time learning. The best lessons are the ones learnt through action and experience, and we hope to bring this to our peers through a board game as part of our school's Life Education Curriculum!

The board game itself simulates a school day for a person with special education needs. Players will get a chance to experience some of those challenges for themselves!

It’s meant to make learning fun! Created by kids, for kids! And created with creative classroom learning in mind: hands-on, easy to pick up, and playable in a limited time!

We're taking our first steps in our own school, in our own grade, but we hope to one day reach other schools and families too!

How can you dream with us?

Thank you for your support! These are the things we currently think we need in order to continue moving forward. We will update this list as we progress.

Equipment and Tools: 
3D Printer
Toy/Boardgame production company

Skills and Knowledge:
Boardgame design and creation
Advice from those who have or who work with SENs

Board game production (initial 35 sets @ $300/set): $10500 
Game design course (for 7 Dreamers @ $1320/person): $9240
   Est. total: $19740



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