SeniorTech Little Tutors 老年科技小導師

Our Dream Project is to create a Youtube Channel targeted at the elderly to teach them how to safely and productively use technology.
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SeniorTech Little Tutors 老年科技小導師

*We haven't created our Youtube Channel yet. We are still creating the videos. Stay tuned for updates! 

Our inspiration

Our story begins with a connection found between our grandparents and mutual love for them. As we explored more about the elderly, we began to notice that many elderly individuals in Hong Kong face challenges such as loneliness and mental illness. 

Elderly in Hong Kong 


A survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong found that one in three of the elderly respondents suffer from at least one of three conditions including: depression, anxiety and loneliness. Furthermore, over 500,000 elderly citizens in Hong Kong live alone or with minimal companionship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of elderly were not able to meet with their friends and family because of the social distancing measures. This highlighted the importance of technology for them to stay connected with their loved ones. While there is an increase in internet usage, there are still many elderly who are unfamiliar with these tools and struggle to use them effectively.

As we thought about our own grandparents and how they used technology, we wanted to do something to help. Our Dream Project is to create a YouTube channel targeted at the elderly to teach them how to use technology safely and productively.

Getting started 


We plan to create videos that can be separated into three main categories, which will cover teaching them how to use social media so they will be able to connect and communicate with other people, teaching them skills to be creators and how to stay safe online.


The Youtube Videos on our channel will need to meet a specific criteria before being uploaded. We will use this criteria to check that our videos are suitable for the elderly. Some of the criteria include speaking slowly and loudly, clear and simple instructions and a summary at the end of the video for the elderly to screenshot.

Challenges and obstacles

As we start to work on our Dream Plan, we are faced with some challenges and obstacles which with your assistance we will be able to overcome! We need basic equipment such as a video camera, ring light and microphone to enhance the production quality of our videos. 

While we have limited video editing experience, we would like to learn how we can edit videos so that we are able to fulfil our criteria, such as adding subtitles, adjusting the volume and some special effects.

We would also like to be able to be in contact with a small group of elderly so that we can ensure the effectiveness of our YouTube videos. We would like to invite them to be the pilot group as we create and produce our videos and receive immediate feedback on whether our videos indeed help them learn and use technology in their daily lives.

Resources Needed

AV Equipment

Skills development 
Video production or editing workshop

Partnership with the elderly
Partnership with the elderly to pilot videos

Who are we

We are a group of students from DGJS and creators of the YouTube channel called “SeniorTech Little Tutors” that teaches the elderly how to use technology safely and productively.

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5A Janie Liao 
5A Bethany Tung
5B Jaimie Chan
5B Hazel Hsueh
5B Elyse Leung
5B Charis Wong
5C Vienna Ng
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